Breaking Stereotypes In High School Musical

I’ve watched High School Musical for quite some time as a kid (2006), but I believe rewatching the movie as an adult I understood more things about the movie than before. One of the things that I noticed was how the main character Troy Bolton reversed stereotypes that are usually put on high school athletes. It was unique to see that Troy Bolton was the star of the basketball team and had a lead role in the school’s theatre production.

The usual stereotype for male athletes in high school is to be a jock, which is what could be seen in the movie, but Troy Bolton chose to do theatre which a lot of the other athletes didn’t agree with including his dad who was the head coach of the high school basketball team. I honestly believe that the major reasoning behind him wanting to be in the school’s musical production was because of the romantic relationship between him and Grabriella Montez. As they played a major role in the musical together with duets and being the main characters in the movie alone. When Troy lost a bit of focus on the basketball season the song “Get’cha Head in the Game” showed how he was battling between theatre and basketball.

Troy-Bolton-Basketball – Starling Voice Studio
“Get’cha Head In the Game”

“My heads in the Game but my hearts in the song, She makes it feel so right” Was a lyric that I found to be the main line of the song. Another song that showed the stereotypes that the movie pointed out but were broken was in the song “I Don’t Dance” that was performed in the movie. That shows a sports match between Chad and Ryan. The two coming together showing they both can dance and sing together showed how the movie did a great job of joining the two groups of people like highschool athletes and theatre students together which is not the usual.

I Don't Dance | The Hardball Times

Overall the Movie was a great showcase of a musical within a musical and did a great job of being relatable movie to people who were in high school at the time. It achieved every element with romance, comedy, drama, etc. There was a great deal of breaking stereotypes in Highschool Musical that were on show case that I didn’t notice until I got older.

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