But Hey, It Sells Papes- A Podcast With Myself

how DISNEY’S TRUE INTENTIONS BEHIND seemingly-empowering messages in high school musical are nothing grander than a cash grab, featuring a portrayal of DAVEY FROM NEWSIES

Among my friends, there is no greater battle than that of podcasts. Any time that the topic of the long-form audio medium arises my typically extremely tight-knit group of childhood companions fiercely and instantaneously becomes divided along pro-podcast and anti-podcast lines. Indeed, it was actually this rather trivial recurring argument among my friends that sparked the idea for this project, as I connected the vitriol of the fringe group of extremely loyal Disney fans any time they see a contentious opinion regarding the megabrand to my friend group’s debates over podcasts. As such, I decided to step over “party lines” and take on a podcast for my final assignment, which felt especially relevant during the distanced learning era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My podcast consists of a mock interview between myself and Davey, the deuteragonist of Disney’s Newsies. Throughout the course of the conversation, Davey and I critique Disney’s motivations behind High School Musical, particularly from a Marxist and Frankfurtian perspective. With this influence guiding the discourse, much of our conversation revolved around the true intentions of Disney’s seemingly-positive message as well as its intended and unintended consequences. From the original hour-long interview, I meticulously edited three versions: a thirty-minute “extended interview” (linked via Youtube because of WordPress’s video limitations), a fifteen-minute “concise interview”, and the seven-minute “summary” video, which does not include much of the interview but concisely summarizes a fair portion of the content. It is my personal recommendation that most listeners begin with the fifteen-minute edit and then move to the thirty-minute extended interview if they are seeking more context.

The order of the links is as follows: First, below is the concise interview.

Next, the summary/recap is posted below.

Finally, the full interview is posted on Youtube below.

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